Private Pilot Course

Flight Training Syllabus

Flight training is broken into 4 stages.  Each stage makes sure you have gained the required knowledge and skills to progress to the next stage. At the end of all the stages, you will be ready for your Private Pilot License. After each phase, the student will take a stage check before progressing to the next stage. Individual progress varies, so flight time necessary for each student varies, and the national average is 75-hrs for a private pilot certificate.

Stage 1 - Pre-Solo

The student becomes familiar with the aircraft and learns how to use the airplane controls to establish and maintain specific flight attitudes and ground tracks. The student learns how to recognize and recover from stalls and gains the proficiency to solo the training airplane in the traffic pattern.

Stage 2 - Solo Flight

The student will fly without the instructor.  This is a huge accomplishment!  It signifies that the instructor has confidence in the student to be able to successfully operate the airplane in the local area. This is done under the direct supervision of the instructor.

Stage 3 - Cross Country Flight / Night Operations / Performance Maneuvers

The student expands the skills learned in the previous stage. The student is introduced to performance takeoff and landing procedures, as well as night operations, which are important steps in preparation for cross country training. Additionally, the student will increase proficiency in performing maneuvers and procedures solely by reference to the instruments. In the cross country phase, the student learns to plan and conduct cross country flights using pilotage, dead reckoning, and navigation systems.

Stage 4 - Checkride Preparation

The student will receive instruction in preparation for the End-of-Course Flight Check. This stage will be complete when a student demonstrates performance of private pilot operations at a standard that meets or exceeds the criteria established in the FAA Airman Certification Standards.

What is a Checkride?

After all phases are complete, you will take a Check Ride with a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). He or she will begin with an oral / verbal exam on material that you learned. They will also have you prepare a flight plan ahead of time and you will discuss various elements of it.  You will then proceed to the airplane and do the flight portion of the test. The DPE will be assessing your skills and decision making throughout the process.

What does it cost to get a Private Pilot License?

Estimated Cost for Private Pilot License
(Based on the National Average 75 hours*)

Plane Rental $125/hr $9,375.00
Flight Instruction & Ground $5,000.00
Headset, Pilot Supplies, Books $800.00
Knowledge Test $200.00
Flight Proficiency Test $900.00


Total Estimated Cost:  $16,275 

*75 hours is an average —
the actual cost could be more or less.
This is dependent upon each individual’s time commitment.

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